dedicated web hosting servers

Needs Outpacing The Current Hosting Provider?

The most common option we see is shared hosting, where a single server’s resources are used by a number of different websites. You have no say over what sites are hosted with your business. If one website in a shared server experiences high traffic, this affects all users by slowing response times and increasing security risks.

Dedicated hosting on a clean site is the best choice if you want more power and control.

Just ask Chippewa Valley Website Services to audit page loading speed and other factors that are crucially important for a good customer experience on your site.


With our dedicated hosting, you have exclusive use of that server’s resources. PinPoint Local builds and maintains the servers that host sites for Chippewa Valley Website Services. This eliminates the upfront cost of purchasing and maintaining your own server. Plus, we make certain you have access to all the CPU, RAM, and storage space you need. Naturally, we have 24/7 tech support.


Pinpoint Local uses Amazon's web servers to keep your website safe from disasters. AWS has robust security features like 24/7 access to data experts,a built-in firewall, multi-factor authentication and encrypted data storage.


With hosting from Chippewa Valley Website Services, you always have the latest version of each plugin and theme as soon as they become available. Our tech support installs and tests each update before going live.


We never accept adult or spammy websites. This means you are assured that the websites we host won't push down your rankings and are ethically based.